Ellis’ Absolutistic Beliefs

Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy

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Still thinking about thinking, the ACT Team were recently discussing Albert Ellis who as many of our readers will know was the founder of Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT), one of the approaches that influenced Aaron Beck’s development of CBT. Like Albert Ellis, we are keen to impart to as many of our fellow Human Beings as possible, that in times of difficulty or stress you DO NOT have to treat yourself so harshly in relation to the way you talk to yourself in your own head.

Pressured lives

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Life is becoming more and more pressure laden. The requirement to achieve is perceived as becoming more and more important. Some might say that Western Society is becoming more consumerist, materialistic and Narcissistic with every passing year. It is all about wealth and trophies. Work harder, buy more, happiness is just around the corner. Ever wondered why you can never quite catch it.

3 ‘Absolutistic Beliefs’

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Albert Ellis documented what he believed are the 3 ‘Absolutistic Beliefs’ that underpin Human disturbance. Indeed, he believed that ‘we disturb ourselves.’ As a result of these ‘Absolutistic Beliefs’ and the growing demands outlined above, we at ACT Counselling Services believe that we are turning the screws too tight in relation to our beliefs and expectations of ourselves, other people and the world.

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