The Tuesday club poem

One Tuesday in January two thousand and twenty, I went along to a new club, thinking I knew plenty. 

There was a room full of people, looking as scared as me, I was nervous about what I was about to feel, do, say and see. 

As the weeks turned into months, the friendships and bonds grew, we learned about each other, and the things we’d each been through. 

We get into our groups, and each module Gillian would change us round, who knew that we’d learn so much, and the personal growth that would be found. 

Then in March the virus hit, we had to stop the club, but just for a little bit. The structure changed and we were now on zoom, we were worlds  away from our safe cosy room. 

 A world pandemic wouldn’t stop our club,  for nearly every week we all turned up. Even With all the different walks of life, facing sickness, uncertainty, heartache and strife. 

We supported each other on a Tuesday, through the week and in the chat, Gary’s Jokes made us all laugh when we felt flat. 

Now it’s the last week and we

See each other through the screen. How much I wish I could hug you, and show how much to me, you really mean. 

Some weeks have been a challenge, even to get out of bed, but I’m so glad I did, just to feel the love that was so openly spread. 

Now it’s time to say goodbye as we each go out into the world, to show off our knowledge, courage and  new self that this course has unfurled. 

I wish you all so much love and luck, it’s been so amazing being your friend. This club has been my saving grace with my heart now on the mend. 

Thank you for all you’ve done for me, you’ll never really know,  how much the power of our club, has changed me and helped me grow. 

By Ruth Whyte

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