Psychotherapy Articles

Read our articles related to Psychotherapy written by us here at ACT Counselling and CBT Services. We offer accredited training and therapy at our centre in Glasgow Scotland.

Triggers for Substance Misuse

With CBT in Groups, where clients are given the opportunity to work with their counsellor on a 1:1 basis regarding the substance…

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Being Married to a CBT Therapist…

In the 10+ years that I have known my wife she has always been involved in helping people in some way, both in her professional life as well

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Gestalt – a way of living. CPD Course.

Gestalt Psychotherapy gives us great insight and power and gives us the ability as human beings make sense of our lives. With this in mind, let’s reflect…

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Ellis’ Absolutistic Beliefs

Albert Ellis who as many of our readers will know was the founder of Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT), one of the approaches that influenced…

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Negative Thinking

Negative thinking affects all of us. We have designed our own Psycho education process that can help identify, clarify and evaluate unhelpful thoughts…

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