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28/07/2021 -Cristiana McLaughlin (Diploma – Year 2)

I have just completed the Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Groupwork. I cannot recommend ACT Counselling Services highly enough. The class tutors were fantastic- knowledgeable, supportive and good fun.  When the pandemic hit, they adapted the course for online delivery and went above and beyond to ensure we had a positive learning experience. I absolutely loved my studies at ACT and intend to return for more of their courses. It is very much an intimate, welcoming and nurturing environment where everyone is valued. I learned so much during my time here and feel very grateful to everyone in the ACT team. Thank you.

27/07/2021 -Andy Gillies (Diploma – Year 2)

I felt that one of the hardest things to do was to look deeply at my own life before asking others to do that in psychotherapy.  Not only did ACT help facilitate this journey of self discovery (and high level intellectual learning) but they also did this through a global pandemic with compassion, creativity and wisdom.  Highly recommended to any would-be counsellor.

21/01/2021 – Marcus O’Shea (Cosca Student)

Amazing course, loved learning on it and thought the teachers were fantastic. Inspired me to keep studying!

20/01/2021 – Eleanor Urie (Cosca Student)

At the moment I’m on to module 4 of the Cosca Counselling Course. I’ve really enjoyed my time on the course, the content is brilliant and greatly improved my knowledge on different types/styles of Counselling. The course tutors have been great and really supportive. At first I was apprehensive about using the Zoom platform for the classes but I’m very proud of myself for getting on every week without any major issues. I’ve really enjoyed this experience with ACT Counselling and look forward to participating in more courses in the future.

18/03/2020 – Jo Richardson Diploma Year 2

I could fill many pages with the vast personal  growth and professional learning/practice I have experienced throughout the CBT Diploma course. Quite simply put this course is outstanding. If you wish to become an excellent well rounded therapist, taught by the best, and learn how to live a happier and more fulfilled life this is the right course for you. I also admire the Directors of ACT for extending CBT training and formal qualification beyond institutions and making accredited training programmes accessible to everyone. This means that the classes are made up of students from all sorts of different backgrounds and this bring a range of life experiences that make the learning environment a unique one.

06/02/2020 – Stewart M Young, Diploma Year 1

I am currently doing my CBT Diploma with ACT and have previously completed my COSCA counselling skills with them as well. In the past and presently I have found this place nothing but supportive, friendly and welcoming. The facilitators are all very receptive and work tirelessly to provide a great environment to study and pass on there incredibly valued experience whilst supporting you gently through the whole process. To anyone who is considering either of these course I couldn’t recommend ACT enough, it has and continues to be an incredibly enriching experience.

06/02/2020 – Derek Milroy, Diploma Year 1

ACT is such a warm and welcoming learning environment handled by dedicated and friendly professionals who ensure that it is also a safe, confidential environment for students on its CBT and Cosca courses.
This is the biggest and best training facility of its kind in the country and there is a reason for that, the staff.  Trainers are veterans of their craft and they are a joy to learn from. They are so supportive of each and every student and it is the highlight of my week going there to study the CBT Diploma on a Friday after completing the Cosca counselling course previously.
If anyone is seriously contemplating becoming a counsellor/therapist, just want to do something different or learn a bit more about themselves, I would recommended both of these courses. It’s a life-changing experience at ACT.

06/02/2020 – Adele MacCallum, Diploma Year 1

I cannot recommend ACT Counselling Services enough. I am doing the Diploma Course, and really enjoy drawing on their extensive knowledge and experience. I always feel I can ask questions when I am unsure about anything as both are very approachable. Both tutors are very engaging and above all, are extremely supportive. As well as learning professionally, I have learned so much about myself on a personal level and I am totally embracing the journey. Inputs are delivered with clarity and passion. I would not hesitate to recommend ACT. Thank you!

06/02/2020 – Anne-Marie McCann, Diploma Year 1

Currently half way through my first year of the Diploma, really enjoying it, learning a lot about myself too,. Couldn’t recommend it enough ❤️

06/02/2020 – Alice McTaggart, Diploma Year 1

I am also halfway through my first year of CBT and group work at ACT and I really couldn’t recommend it enough. I did my research when deciding where to go and decided last year to ‘go with my heart’ having taken advice from other people I knew who were studying CBT at different places and having met for an informal chat. At the time ACT were in the process of writing the coursework to get ‘level 11’ which is really important to think about when you are considering your job opportunities in qualifying, and am glad I chose to study here despite not knowing if they would get it but they did. I spoke to a friend who is qualified but hadn’t gone to ACT and he just said ‘if you can go with ACT and get that level then that’s what to do because there’s no one better’.
The course is a fair amount of work depending on what you are used to and I have definitely rearranged my life to fit around it all but I am feeling the benefits of it in my life already. I’d say I’ve got a better quality of life now and I don’t waste time on stuff that doesn’t work for me and I have some lovely friendships from it. It is just being in a place where you can express yourself freely that is very liberating.  I like the way they teach in a very genuine and funny way. They are very organised and there’s no messing about but that’s what you need.
I hope this is helpful as I know myself what a big decision it is for people.

06/02/2020 – Faye Carroll – Diploma Year 1

I am half way through my first year in my CBT diploma and I am loving it! The support and learning both professionally and personally has been amazing. I have already grown as a person and know there is so much more to come. Tutors are so encouraging and give real personal and informative views and experience of the world of CBT as well as integrating other modalities. They are clear and concise and make it a fun, interactive and supported experience. There are no questions too big or small or daft!! They are a continuing solid support. I have made some great friends during the course and we have a bond that is so encouraging and supportive. I can’t wait to continue on the course with everyone.

06/02/2020  – Lorraine Dillett, Diploma Year 1

Great tutors and supervisors. CBT course very well structured and explained. Good environment for learning.

05/02/2020 – Liz Sloan, Diploma Year 2

In my final year of CBT diploma due to complete by  June 2020 and What an amazing journey this has been. I would never have made it without this place and  can honestly say I highly recommend  Act counselling Services to anyone who is thinking of studying here they are first class so professional and the best Tutors and Staff who always make you welcome and nothing is ever a bother to any of them it’s like a family thank you so much for everything you have done for me I am proud and feel so privileged to have been a part of this course met so many lovely people and learned so much I feel
Like a new confident Person and so looking forward to putting good use to all of my training and knowledge gained  in helping others.

Oct 2019 – Monday Evening COSCA Student

Jackie + Sam Could not be anymore professional, hardworking + kind. This course may change peoples lives, but it certainly was made by them + their friendliness + knowledge. They deserve great credit from COSCA + ACT for the wonderful work they do/have done. Thanks again for helping me change my life.

August 2019- R Murray

I’ve been lucky to have studied at ACT since 2017, firstly with the COSCA course and then the Diploma in CBT. I felt welcomed and supported from day one by all the staff at ACT, they were there to support me with essays and case studies, more importantly they always gave me encouragement and self-belief that I could complete the Diploma, I can now say that have I have successfully completed my Diploma in CBT, this would not have possible without the team at ACT and there learning styles. From day one it felt like a family atmosphere, the tutors are always willing to provide support in groups or individually. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in counselling. I would like to thank all the staff at ACT for the support they provided.

July 2019 – Dr C Monaghan

The ACT Diploma course is the perfect amalgam of academic input creating a strong foundation for a counselling career, practical skills development to hone CBT and counselling skills,  and a supportive and nurturing environment to foster personal development and insight.  It’s a well thought out course, well delivered.  And you are part of the ACT community, a strong, collegiate, collaborative, inclusive community.  I have no hesitation recommending this course.

July  2019 – M Polychronaki

I would give my highest recommendation for this course. It was probably one of the most interesting and rewarding experiences of my life. I felt I was a member of this community from day one, supported step by step even after the end of the course. It was a rich, life-changing, learning experience. I met wonderful people, who became my friends. Grateful.

July 2019 – R. Fulton

Just finished up the Diploma in CBT & Groupwork. Been an amazing 2 years of learning and growth. ACT has fantastic tutors and supervisors who help with every aspect of training in CBT. The course is very comprehensive and can be a springboard to a counselling career. There is also a very good atmosphere and community around ACT so it is a personally fulfilling experience too. I also made great friends along the way. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in training in Counselling or CBT.

July 2019 – F. Brown

Having just successfully completed my Post Grad Diploma in CBT and Groupwork I would say that ACT gave me the self-belief, encouragement and  push to cross the finish line.I can’t think of anywhere else I have studied which offered a better learning experience. ACT is all about the people and the nurturing environment comes from the top down.I would (and have)recommend ACT if you want to feel part of something special in the next part of your learning journey.

April 2019 – M Buick

I am currently on the weekend CBT and group work Diploma course at ACT and I am loving it!
The place itself has a warm and welcoming atmosphere which I felt from the first day when I came for my interview.
The staff are amazing! Andy & Ashlie make the weekend’s learning varied and interactive which helps to keep our energy levels up – not to mention the tea, coffee and biscuits!
The content of the learning is really relevant and follows a well planned structure. We are encouraged to contribute and ask as many questions as we need to. The sessions are delivered with genuine honesty and lots of laughs (as well as some serious lessons too!)
For me, personally, the most important thing is that I feel supported, encouraged and valued by all of the staff.
Some courses make you feel like ‘just a number’ but this is definitely not the case at ACT, every student is treated as an individual.
I would highly recommend ACT to anyone looking for a course provider, it’s one of the best decisions I have made!
P.S On a practical note there are plenty of places to park and lots of shops for lunch time!

April 2019 – R Marek-McPhee

I feel like an individual, not a number, undertaking training here. The tutors are exceptionally knowledgeable, have a strong passion for what they do, and are invested in their students. There is a well-rounded approach to learning, with many different styles and approaches utilised.

April 2019 – A.Devlin

Now, nearly at the end of my 2nd year Diploma. This organisation is special with regards to their genuineness and integrity. It’s not about a money making organisation but looking to help people become the best CBT Therapist they can be. I am going to miss this place. For me it’s been an enormous help with my own life not just over the last two years, but too help me find me after searching myself all these years. Thanks again to all at ACT for out standing knowledge and professionalism. I sincerely wish you many more successful years to come.

May 2018  – P Markey

Just completed a short course with ACT, the facilities are great (we were greeted with crispe creme doughnuts on our first day) the course content was spot on, reasonably priced given the exceptional high standard of delivery and throughroughly enjoyable. For me what stands out the most about ACT is the absolute genuinesness of both Ashlie and Andy, thier knowdlege is outstanding and thier desire to share this is very warming. ACT will no doubt be a significant part of my professional career and I look forward to many more courses with them in the future. Thanks guys

Jan 2018  – M A Luna

Currently I am studying the second year of the Diploma in CBT with ACT. This is a great course and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in working as a CBT therapist. This course gives you the tools to become a confident CBT therapist. During the skills Practice, we work in triad or quads (listener/speaker and observers) and we learn how to use a CBT tool for first time on a current problem bothering the speaker. There is a clinical observer who will help the listener if they are struggling with the tool.
The tutors are knowledgable and very approachable. They offer extensive and comprehensive feedback about all the assignments submitted and our performance in CBT Skills Practice.


‘ACT offers high-quality training combined with genuine care for students.  I did my COSCA Certificate here and have just completed Year 1 of the Diploma.  It’s a great place to learn and train.  The staff and tutors are all very experienced therapists and generously share that experience through a range of teaching methods which support students build skills and confidence.  The environment encourages interactive learning and there is no such thing as a daft question.  There is scope to focus on any specific disorder that a student has a particular interest in.  And remarkably,  they make it fun.  Hand on heart,  I can warmly recommend ACT as a great place to do your training.’


I have worked in the counselling/therapy field for over 25 years primarily developing and managing services. In the last couple of years, based on feedback and the recommendations from colleagues I have attended ACT for a variety of courses, including, CBT course, Schema Therapy and I have recently completed the Diploma in CBT and I can say I have not been disappointed in any of the training; whether it’s been a one day or two-year course. ACT would be my first stop service to access any training requirements either for personal reasons or on behalf of the services I manage. The course tutors and facilitators (special mention to the incredible Andy & Ashlie) are of the highest quality; in their skills, knowledge, experience and approach; each session is laced with warmth and humour which allows students to feel part of the organisation; it really does reflect a family system which I believe once part of, will remain with you forever. The level of support available to each student is incredible and they make time for every individual student. The content of each course, provides not only the opportunity for learning and personal growth but for creating the desire to learn more; it develops a thirst for learning. The enthusiasm and passion conveyed by everyone at ACT, through a variety of mediums, is contagious and makes every day enjoyable; a real sense of connection. I would recommend ACT above any other training provider I have either attended or commissioned over a great many years. Thank you all for everything!


I can’t thank Ashlie, Andy, the course team and of course my fellow students enough for the most amazing learning experience.  I’ve just had my last weekend on the Diploma course.  It’s been quite the journey of personal and professional development.  The course is put together so thoughtfully each weekend builds on the last, particularly in year one.  I highly recommend ACT for any of your training requirements they are the best trainers I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  I had a lot going on in my personal life and found the course team to be compassionate and patient, the culture of genuine care and support was invaluable to me.  If you haven’t got in touch do it now, you won’t regret it! 5* wonderful people!!


‘I have been studying at act counselling services since February 2017 , as a mature student it can be very daunting , you are made to feel very welcome from the word go , & the team @act are very supportive, professional & approachable at all times , it’s been life changing for me with the help from the ACT team & I would highly recommend there courses , for anyone looking change career & go bk to studying again ! Well done guys at act you are doing a fantastic job !’


‘I undertook the Diploma Course in CBT at ACT, which was simply the best decision for me both personally and professionally. The teaching is of an impeccable standard, with the tutors bringing both a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as humour and remember-able analogies to aid memory of theoretical content. Respect, integrity, support and nurturing are values that ACT excel in and the community created by the centre is welcoming, inclusive and encouraging. Although CBT was at the centre of our learning in the diploma, I really enjoyed how the material included other evidence based theoretical models: to allow for integrative practice. I have not only built a future for myself from attending ACT and completing the course, I have made very special friendships that will last a lifetime. If you are passionate about psychotherapy and CBT, look no further than ACT. I guarantee you your experience will be life-changing.’


‘The Practising Schema Focused Therapy course is a fantastic course and facilitated brilliantly by Andy and Ashlie. The course gave me an extra invaluable tool to use with my client base. I would recommend this course to anyone regardless of their experience and background. It is delivered in a way that is professional, fun and interesting. Andy has a vast depth of knowledge and is more than willing to share this. Ashlie also has a great knowledge and was interactive and engaging.’


‘I cannot recommend the Schema course highly enough. The level of knowledge and experience of the Lecturers is outstanding. They also have a great teaching style with a healthy dose of practical application. I have found it an invaluable tool in my work. It is also very useful on personal level.’


‘Having completed the diploma in CBT with ACT counselling services, I decided to underake the ‘Practising Schema Focused Therapy’ course. It proved to be a wonderful opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of ingrained learned behaviour and has greatly enhanced my practice. Once again, a well balanced course drawing upon theoretical and experiential learning. Looking forward to undertake some more courses with ACT!’


‘I have recently attended the ‘Practising Schema Focused Therapy Course’ at ACT Counselling Services. As recently qualified CBT therapist I can not recommend this course highly enough. As Third Wave Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is adding to the efficacy of CBT, I would go as far to say this course is a must for those wishing to enhance their practice. Andy and Ashlie deliver this course with a unique relaxed,informative and humorous manner. Andy has an amazing ability of actually acting out a chosen schema and bringing it alive that really helped with my personal learning understanding of the theory. The course has an excellent balance of theory and experiential learning which is already helping me in private practice. I look forward to further courses at ACT and would like to thank them adding another string to my bow.’


‘Working with male and female vulnerable adults and offenders both in prison and in the community who can often have a dual diagnosis of substance misuse and poor mental health presents significant challenges for me as a therapist. Therefore, having the opportunity to attend the ACT Counselling AND CBT Services ten week course on Schema Therapy was too good an opportunity miss out on. I found this to be a great enhancement to my limited knowledge of the practice of Schema Therapy. Indeed, this enhanced knowledge has given me the opportunity to integrate the tools and new skills I have gained into my daily practice, which can only be good for my clients as I strive to provide them with the best possible therapeutic interventions I can.

Andy and Ashlie present a most enjoyable, informative and interactive course which is easy to follow in a relaxed comfortable environment. Both are very approachable should any clarity on any aspect of the course be needed.I highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to further their personal or professional development or indeed both.’


‘The Practising Schema Therapy Course was excellent.  The presenters managed skillfully to convey a pretty complex approach in a way that was easy to understand.  Their demonstrations were done using real live material, and to see it in action made all the difference. I would recommend the course to anyone looking for somem fresh insights into, not only their clients, but themselves as well.’

Dr. A. Greig

As an experienced and accredited CBT practitioner it can be difficult for me to find courses that truly develop new skills whilst at the same time consolidating those I already have.  The 10 week Schema Therapy courses met these requirements ably and thus supports me in meeting my CPD needs for continued accreditation and enhancing my own practice.  The course is very engagingly presented, using a range of techniques, by practitioners/clinicians of many years standing. The wider knowledge base of the presenters is evident with excellent links made to wider therapeutic approaches. The course gave me an opportunity to experience and learn in detail about an area of practice that had been largely self taught on my part and being able to draw on the vast experience of the presenters (not to mention the other participants in the course) was very enriching. The course also helped to iron out some of my own self-taught misconceptions about the approach. Thank you Andy and Ashley for a rewarding and useful experience.’


‘ACT Counselling Services deliver training of excellent quality. My decision to attend the PG Dip Level Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Groupwork has been one of the most important decisions of my life. The academic director and all the tutors involved in the diploma are highly experienced and perfectly competent CBT therapists, as well as warm and caring individuals and a true inspiration to the students. A variety of teaching methods are used, such as power points, live demonstration of CBT skills and pair/group activities. Tutors’ examples from their own professional practice enrich the theoretical inputs. In the supportive environment of the diploma, I gained valuable knowledge and experience of applying CBT intervention to myself and clients. Constructive feedback was provided that enabled me to improve myself as a professional and I was encouraged to use my creativity and implement the tools flexibly, which facilitated my work towards finding my own style as a therapist.  This course has also enabled me to reflect on myself, my values and responses, I had the chance to work on personal issues and discover some of my ‘blind spots’. In the context of this course, I experienced empathy, warmth and understanding and I worked towards my personal growth. It was a beautiful and enlightening personal and professional journey and I would definitely recommend this course to anyone how is interested in CBT.’

B. Fleming

‘I have just completed my post graduate diploma in CBT counselling and group work. What an exciting and information loaded course. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I feel that I have learnt so much. The course delivery and materials given are well thought-out and prepared. The course trainers experience as well as that of the supervisors was evident throughout. Don’t hesitate to commence this course it is worth every minute and penny of it’.

 J. Arnold

‘ I have worked with Andy for a few years and his knowledge, support and belief in me has been incredible. He has been a rock to me through some very tough times. He has challenged me and made me think about things from a different stance, all of which has harnessed positive change. He has a huge depth of understanding and expertise which you can learn so much from. Most of all he really cares and is passionate in all he does. No person who meets Andy goes without having their life enhanced in some way or other’.


‘Having recently completed the PG Dip Level Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Groupwork with ACT counselling services, I would highly recommend them as a vehicle to experience quality and professional training. The standards and expectations set are high and commensurate with an academic post graduate qualification. Tuition and course content are of an excellent quality. However the human elements are equally valuable, as students are highly supported by caring, empathetic tutors. The course leaders are experienced, understanding and passionate about counselling. They are great role models of professional conduct and practice. I thoroughly enjoyed challenges presented, both personally and professionally, as I progressed through the course. To sum up, a life changing experience which will have a profound effect on my future choices’.


‘Wow what an experience! I have just completed my two year diploma and I feel incredibly lucky to have been taught by Andy and his team. With an excellent balance of theory with experiential learning, this course has been incremental not only on a professional level but also an important part  of my personal life journey. A well designed course and I highly recommend it to everyone. A once in a lifetime opportunity that requires no hesitation’.


‘Having just completed my PG level Diploma with ACT, I have no hesitation in recommending this course to others. Andy and his team work hard to deliver a current, challenging and rigorous course underpinned with a great deal of wisdom and knowledge of the subjects covered. I have never engaged in any other academic study where such a blend of professionalism and warmth combine to create a wonderful learning environment. I felt supported throughout my time with ACT and appreciated the variety of learning and teaching styles. Whether you are considering the course for your own personal development or for professional reasons, it will more than hit the mark. I feel changed by my experience and will always think of this course as being ‘one of the greatest gifts you’ll ever give yourself’ – an Andy quote!  Finally, it is worth noting that as well as being one of the most relevant CBT diplomas out there, it is also hugely enjoyable! Humour and compassion are threaded throughout the teaching and help to ground theory into the human experience’.


‘I have recently completed the ACT Pg Level Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Groupwork. This has been an incredible experience which has been pivotal in my own personal and professional development. The course team at ACT provide a learning experience that is empathetic, supportive, passionate and of excellent standard. The tutors deliver the course material in an interesting and fun way where theory is enriched with live demonstrations and examples of their own personal experience.  I can not recommend this course enough whether it be for professional or personal development. It truly has been two of the most rewarding years of my life’.


‘I made the decision to change career paths and enter the vocational world of Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; enrolling with ACT Counselling Services was one of the best career decisions I have ever made.

Having completed multiple courses, up to degree level, the tuition and pragmatic knowledge I received from Andy, and his team of highly qualified tutors and Supervisors, surpassed any other course I had previously undertaken. ACT does not deliver death by PowerPoint courses; they make the content interactive, easy to digest and retain, extremely applicable to the professional setting and best of all enjoyable.

My personal recommendation is that if you are seeking a course that is designed by professionals for professionals and future professionals, with unique content that transcends the expected level of attainment, be welcomed, motivated and made to feel an important part of the ‘team’ and be educated by the best, to the highest of standards, then ACT Counselling Services is for you. I cannot praise them enough; everything I was taught augmented my experience, both professionally and personally and made me the well-versed practitioner I am today. Do not be misled though, to achieve education of this standard you will need to be committed and engaged, but in return you will receive teaching that is second to none, that will not only enrich your professional career but also stand out above all others.’


‘The CBT Diploma has been the most challenging yet rewarding thing I’ve accomplished to date.  The learning curve was steep however the personal/professional development has been a gift that I honestly couldn’t put a price on.  The talent and skill that the tutors demonstrated ensured that this course was truly a terrific experience, as well as a qualification in CBT.  Andy and Ashlie are dedicated, diligent, passionate, hugely supportive, knowledgable and experienced regarding the practice and delivery of CBT in a wide variety of settings.  A huge thanks to all the course team who provided supervision/observation and feedback to me to enhance my knowledge and understanding and improve my practice.  I feel lucky to have found something that I love doing and to now have the confidence to enable me to do it.  I look forward to further training with ACT Counselling Services and for those considering the Diploma I can only say; Go for it, it will change your life!’


‘I have just completed the PG Dip in CBT and Group work with ACT. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I have benefitted tremendously from it on an academic and personal level. The trainers delivering the course have been fantastic throughout and have delivered the material in an informative yet accessible way. The course team this year were great to work with and to learn from. I hope to continue taking part in their courses in the future and would recommend to anyone considering studying with them.’


‘Having competed my CBT Diploma with ACT Counselling, I found this course to be an extremely interesting, informative and interactive course with various methods of teaching involved. Not only have I gained a qualification, I have gained personal insight into how my own life experiences have affected me and more importantly how to effectively deal with any issues that arises for me in the here and now.  Andy and Ashlie bring a wealth of knowledge to the course and their enthusiasm and passion for their job keeps the course in good humour! Highly Recommended.’


ACT counselling and CBT services are a fantastic organisation to receive training from. They encouraged and supported me to be the best student I could possibly be, with so much knowledge and passion from the trainers it was easy to be engaged in learning. As a newly qualified therapist I have chosen to continue receiving support from Andy at ACT as my supervisor. The supervision I receive from Andy continues my on-going journey with ACT in order to help me develop into the best counsellor I could possibly be and give my clients the service they deserve. ACT is truly a fantastic, vibrant and expert service and I would recommend anyone receive training or supervision with them.’


‘Having recently completed my PG Level Diploma in CBT with ACT Counselling and Training Services I cannot speak highly enough of this organisation. The quality of the training and materials used together with the knowledge and experience of the tutors and supervisors is second to none. My particular class comprised of students of a wide range of ages with many different backgrounds and a variety of reasons for undertaking the diploma. Having studied for many qualifications and undertaken numerous training courses over many years I have never felt more supported by tutors and peers than on this 2 year diploma. I knew no one on the course before starting out and feel I have gained many friends as well as fellow therapists. Provided you have the desire to complete the course the phenomenal support from the team will ensure you do. I completed while working full time with a family and carrying out voluntary work as well as my counselling placement, however,I enjoyed every single piece of work both on course days and at home. Regardless of your reason for considering ACT; be that diploma course, another course, counselling or supervision I guarantee you will not be disappointed!’


‘I recently completed the 10 week Practicing Schema Focussed Therapy course with Act Counselling and CBT Services.  The course was fantastic.  Andy and Ashlie worked great together to ensure we left the ten week course with as much knowledge, information and understanding on Schema Therapy as they could and delivered it in a way that kept the group interested and keen to learn more, throughout.  There was a really relaxed welcomimg atmosphere throughout the course.  The knowledge and awareness I gained for both personal development and for using with clients is invaluable and I  met a lovely new group of people at the same time.  Thank you.  I will definitely be back to do another course in the near future.’


I have just completed the COSCA course with ACT counselling services, this was a 40 week course.  I would highly recommend this to anyone as it did not feel like 40 weeks, the setting and the facilitator where amazing making my learning fun at the same time having a professional approach. the facilitators are passionate about the course we and this was clear to see. Well done guys thanks for the journey.’

D. McNeill

‘Thanks for an enjoyable course. A really good bit of work and excellent presentation. It makes all the difference having an excellent facilitator and co-facilitator, namely Andy and Shenaz. All the best with future course presentations!’
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