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ACT Counselling Services Glasgow are an equal opportunities employer and as such have an open recruitment policy. To save on costs (and paper) any vacancies for employment with our organisation will be advertised within this page of our website. From time to time we look to recruit Trainers, Clinical Supervisors and Administrative Staff. If a position at ACT appeals to you, then please visit this page of our website at regular intervals. Please refer to our recruitment policy for further information.’

ACT Counselling Services LTD Recruitment Policy:

Recruitment Policy

The Board of directors at ACT Counselling Services are committed to ensuring that the recruitment and selection of all employees will be fair, open and transparent and will comply with all relevant legislation. Personal information received is dealt with in the strictest confidence. Inclusion forms an important aspect of the recruitment of staff within the service. Applicants will not be excluded from being considered for a position based specifically on their need, background, culture, religion, gender, or economic circumstances. (as pertaining to the equality act 2004). Positions will be offered based on competency, qualification and enthusiasm for the position.

Recruitment Procedures

Job Description

Once a vacancy occurs a detailed job description is prepared before each post is advertised and is available to all applicants. The job description includes.

  • Job title
  • Location of the position
  • Who the employee will report to
  • Overall purpose of the job
  • Key area of work
  • Details of specific duties and responsibilities
  • Hours of work


All posts are advertised on the ACT Counselling Services website. All advertisements include the following.

  • Name and role of the organisation.
  • Job title
  • Brief description of the job.
  • Location of position.
  • Qualifications and experience which are essential and which are desirable.
  • Whether the position is full or part time, temporary or permanent
  • How to apply.
  • How to get further information
  • Closing date and time for application

The Application

All applicants can download a job description and application form from the website. Completed applications should then be returned to the Course Manager prior to the closing date outlined.

Completed application forms will be dated on receipt. To ensure confidentiality, only those nominated to undertake the selection will see the completed application forms.

Short listing

A short listing/interview panel (selection panel) with a minimum of two people is set up to review all applications. The short listing panel and the interview panel will consist of the same people as far as possible and have a gender balance.

  • The selection panel agrees the selection criteria from the information supplied in the advertisement and the job description and before any applications are examined.
  • Assessment of applications is based only on information provided by the applicant
  • All applicants who meet the selection criteria are invited to attended for interview
  • A letter of regret is sent to all applicants who do not meet the selection criteria

Selection Process

  • The position is offered to the candidate with the highest mark on the score sheet.
  • The person who comes second on the score sheet is held in reserve provided she/he

meets the criteria.

  • The successful candidate is officially notified in writing having first been contacted by telephone
  • Letters of regret are sent to all unsuccessful candidates once the post has been accepted 


An induction period is provided for all new employees. Employees are provided with

  • Information on the role of the service/facility
  • Information on the roles of other employees
  • Terms and conditions of employment
  • Details of salary scales
  • Employees are obliged to familiarise themselves with the polices and procedures of the service and to sign to codes of behaviour as set out by the service

To find out more about Act Counselling Services Glasgow vacancies, please contact us on 0141 554 0838 or email us here.

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