Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – Glasgow

The main counselling approach practised at ACT Counselling Services is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, often referred to as CBT.

At the moment CBT is the main psychological approach in the UK favoured by the NHS for the treatment of common problems such as:

  • Mild/Moderate Depression
  • Chronic Depression
  • Self Esteem
  • Anxiety
  • OCD
  • Panic Disorder
  • Phobias
  • Anger
  • Relationship issues
  • Interpersonal issues

The philosophy that underpins CBT is that:

‘We disturb ourselves’ (Albert Ellis)

‘We are what we think and will become what we think we are’ (Peter Caddy)

This basically means that life, at times, will present us with challenging and difficult situations. This could be unexpected or out with our control. What CBT teaches is that we do have control over how we think, feel and behave in relation to the situation. This helps us to cope more effectively.

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CBT / Psychotherapy

CBT is known as Psychotherapy as opposed to Counselling. The reason for this is that CBT helps us to make sense of our early life experiences and the ways in which these have led to us developing self-defeating patterns of behaviour that often lie behind our recurring problems and difficulties in work, social and familial settings. Have you ever wondered how or why ‘I always end up being……..’

The reason for exploring early life experiences is not necessarily to uncover experiences of trauma, neglect, abuse etc, although these have been some peoples experiences. Often the experiences that have led to the problems are far more subtle. Either way, it is never about fault or blame but about understanding and making sense. Bringing from the unconscious the issues that keep getting in your way.

The foundation of successful Therapy will always lie in a strong Therapeutic Relationship with your Therapist. This is a ‘collaborative’ relationship within which you are always consulted and involved, for example, how many sessions you will have, what you want therapy to focus on each week. The relationship will be built upon the core conditions of Genuineness, Acceptance and Empathy.


Appointments are, as much as possible arranged at a time that suits you best and will take place at premises in Suite 7, Abercromby Business Centre, 279 Abercromby Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow, G40 2DD.

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ACT Counselling Services has Therapists of varying experience available and the price ladder reflects this as below:

Senior BABCP Accredited – £60 per session.

BABCP Accredited – £50 per session.

Qualified – £40 per session.

Referral Process

The referral process is very straightforward. To make a referral (self-referrals are usually best or at least with the permission of the person you are referring) call the number or use the email address listed on the homepage of our website. This will take you directly to our Clinical Director who will gather some basic information, including the level of experience that you are seeking in your Therapist. The Case Manager will then allocate you to a Therapist within our pool, best suited to your needs. The Therapist will then contact you, using the method that you have stipulated within 48 hours. Your Therapist then assumes full responsibility for the Therapy provided as ACT simply provide the arrangement. As stated, each Therapist belongs to the Professional Body BABCP. As such, each Therapist has agreed to abide by the BABCP Code of Ethics and Standards. Copies of these are available within the ‘About BABCP’ section of the BABCP website homepage, under ‘Documents’. In the highly unlikely event of a complaint being necessary then the BABCP Complaints Procedure is available within the same section.

If you require more information on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or want to discuss in more detail the Therapists and Therapy offered by ACT Counselling Services then please contact us using one of the methods listed on our homepage.

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