ACT Counselling Services Introduction to Schema Focused Therapy

ACT Counselling Services Introduction to Schema Focused Therapy

ACT Counselling Services – Introduction to Schema Focused Therapy (credit rated by SQA at SCQF Level 9 with 18 SCQF credit points)

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Course Aims

The course aims to provide Practicing Therapists with the knowledge, techniques, confidence, and support to utilise this unifying, insightful and profoundly powerful approach in their work with clients. Before this is possible however, participants are required to view themselves, their experiences, and relationships through the lens that Schema Focused Therapy provides.

Delivery of Course

The ACT Counselling Services – Introduction to Schema Focused Therapy course will contain 27 hours of tutor delivery over 9 weeks. The course will be delivered on Tuesday evenings from 6pm – 9pm. This will be followed by small Group (x2 participants and supervisor) Supervision sessions, with each being 2 hours in length, and facilitated by the course tutors. Application of Schema Therapy to practice hours to be completed are 27 hours. The total time given for completion is 12 months.

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Assessment (Coursework and Examination)

Participant assessment is ongoing throughout the duration of the course. There is no final examination as such but a final case study. Course Participants must demonstrate their understanding of all the course learning outcomes and demonstrate their competency in relation to all performance criteria. Summative assessment methodologies will include:

  1. Final case study incorporating critical evaluation of the implementation of Schema Focused Therapy.
  2. Audio recordings assessed during small group supervision sessions by supervisor using the CTS-R (Cognitive Therapy Scale – Revised). A minimum score of 3 must be achieved in the areas of ‘interpersonal effectiveness,’ ‘eliciting appropriate emotional expression,’ ‘eliciting key cognitions,’ ‘eliciting behaviours,’ ‘guided discovery,’ ‘conceptual integration,’ and ‘application of change methods,’ to be considered competent to practice.
  3. Satisfactory Supervisors report reflective of the provision of schema therapy from conception to completion within a 12-month timescale. Supervisee must attend small group supervision sessions of 2 hours in length, during which audio recordings are scored by the supervisor in relation to the CTS-R (see above). Comments on the relevant sections of the CTS-R and scores provided are made within the supervisor’s final written report, and final decision made on competence to practice made based on scores provided.

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More details as follows:

Introduction to Schema Focused Therapy


Tutors associated with the Schema Focused Therapy Course and supervisors will provide opportunities and feedback to candidates regarding their development in terms of knowledge, skills, and practice so that candidates are equipped:

1. To implement Schema Therapy in conjunction with own Therapeutic Style.

2. To convey principles, concepts and processes relevant to Schema Therapy to the client.

3. To collaboratively adapt Schema Therapy to ensure that the model works for the client.

4. To avoid being excessively didactic, and to skilfully facilitate the client’s exploration of their life experiences, relationships potential insights.

5. To structure sessions in response to the client’s needs and ensures their safety on leaving.

6. To seek appropriate guidance and supervision.

Learning Objectives:

On successful completion of this course (or qualification) candidates should be able to apply knowledge and understanding, and practice in ways which demonstrate Schema Focused Therapy principles through:

1. An ability to educate client to the model of Schema Therapy and respond to any queries that they may have.

2. An ability to identify and work collaboratively with client behaviours that may interfere with the course of Therapy and Efficacy of Treatment (e.g., Entitlement Schema).

3. An ability to recognise when difficulties in the therapeutic alliance with the client relate to the impact of childhood experiences on their current behaviour, and a capacity to address these issues by drawing client’s attention to Schema Modes to provide a corrective emotional experience.

4. An ability to recognise and to acknowledge therapist errors and repair any therapeutic ruptures

5. An ability to utilise Supervision in relation to practice.

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Course Content

Week 1 – Schema Therapy in Context

Week 2 – Schema Assessment/Inventories/Goalsetting

Week 3 – Schema Case Conceptualisation

Week 4 – Imagery Assessment

Week 5 – Logical Analysis

Week 6 – Schema Perpetuation, Schema Chemistry, ‘Repetition Compulsion.’

Week 7 – Imagery Rescripting

Week 8 – Behavioural Interventions

Week 9 – Endings

NB: The content of each week will take the form of a Tutor led Presentation, Tutor led Skills Demonstration, Skills Practise.

A non-refundable deposit of £100 is required to book a place on this course. The cost of the course is £800 in total. The remaining £700 can be paid in full prior to the beginning of the course or in 2 x £350 monthly direct debit instalments

Course Location

The course will be delivered via Zoom


The course will be delivered by experienced Psychotherapists who have extensive knowledge related to the theory and practice of Schema Therapy and have used the approach to treat complex and enduring disorders.


It is anticipated that demand for this course will be high. Book your place now by completing the attached booking form and return by emailing to [email protected]

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Click below to see our next course dates

Next Schema Therapy October 2023 Course Dates

Week 1 – Tuesday 03/10/2023
Week 2 – Tuesday 10/10/2023
Week 3 – Tuesday 17/10/2023
Week 4 – Tuesday 24/10/2023
Week 5 – Tuesday 31/10/2023
Week 6 – Tuesday 07/11/2023
Week 7 – Tuesday 14/11/2023
Week 8 – Tuesday 21/11/2023
Week 9 – Tuesday 28/11/2023

A non-refundable deposit of £100 is required to book a place on this course. The cost of the course is £800 in total. The remaining £700 can be paid in full prior to the beginning of the course or in 2 x £350 monthly direct debit instalments (30/10/2023, 30/11/2023).

Course Location

The course will be delivered via Zoom

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