Anxiety Articles

Read our articles here on anxiety and mental health by ACT Counselling and CBT Services. Anxiety affects millions of us on a daily basis impacting our mental health and wellbeing. We offer training and therapy from experienced and accredited practitioners and have a solid understanding of anxiety and its roots.

Drawing Therapy

The use of communication through drawing therapy when words are too hard… This article is a case study about a young client struggling with anxiety. It discusses how he and his therapist found a way to communicate with one another through the use of drawing therapy. Jake and his overwhelming anxiety Jake was too young […]

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Frank Feelings

Frank didn’t do feelings. He was a man at all times. Anger doesn’t count as a feeling, Frank did anger.

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Inviting You to Share Good News

There is so much noise. It is deafening. Communication is in overload. We have a global catastrophe here and now.

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Vicarious Trauma

We empathise with the hard end of human suffering on a consistent basis. For some Therapists/Professionals, this might be daily…

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Triggers for Substance Misuse

With CBT in Groups, where clients are given the opportunity to work with their counsellor on a 1:1 basis regarding the substance…

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Anxiety and Internalised Rules

Children and mental health is an interesting and diverse topic and when thinking about the shaping of the personality during childhood in our last blog…

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