Relapse Prevention in Models of Therapy

Relapse Prevention Therapy

As the next ACT Counselling Services PG Dip Level Diploma in CBT and Groupwork course weekend fast approaches our attention turns to Relapse Prevention in the Models of Therapy input.

Core beliefs

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Reflecting on our client’s (indeed, also our own) journey of change and knowing that old core beliefs and conditional beliefs cannot just simply be eradicated, one wonders; how far along the journey of firming up the alternative core beliefs and conditional beliefs do we as CBT Therapists actually take the client? We would suggest that it would be terribly misguided and arrogant to assume that even after 6 months of CBT Therapy, major personality change will have taken place and the old core and conditional beliefs will no longer exert any influence over the client.

Passing on of techniques

Yet we are not necessarily in the business of keeping the client in Therapy long term. As such, surely Relapse Prevention and Management techniques should be skilfully passed onto the client in order to help them remain on the road or change if it gets rocky, or indeed rejoin it if they take a wrong turn.

ACT Counselling Diploma

The importance of detailed inputs on Relapse Prevention and Management as part of a CBT Therapists training can be found in the BABCP Core Curriculum Reference Document on page 16. This is covered in Module 5 of the ACT Counselling Services PG Dip Level Diploma in CBT and Groupwork.

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